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About this project

travel journals, dance, performance, anthropology

This feature length documentary explores intimacy through art. Based on travel journals, it takes us inside Tomasz's world, who travels to San Francisco for the first time in his life. Followed by the camera's eye, we get to witness his process of experiencing America. The story develops organically as he establishes relationships with various people who cross his path. Witnessing his intimate encounters becomes the main point of the film.

I am walking towards Dolores Park. The sun is shining there.
I am carrying my little suitcase, 
but it' s no longer heavy.
The only thing I can rely on
is my skin and my bones.

I am,
I'm alive, I'm dancing,
entering the states...

(Tomasz Foltyn, Letters from America. San Francisco, 2011)


Tomasz Foltyn (Poland), Melecio Estrella (USA) and Jada Sirkin (Argentina) came together in San Francisco in the fall of 2011, and so TENDERLINE emerged. The place where we met was crucial for Tomasz, whose journals triggered the exploration.
Originally, the project was a creative research on dance and intimacy. Art as a space where we discovered new levels of transparency, communication and vulnerability.
Then, unexpectedly, TENDERLINE became a cinematic journey. Once we opened the process, and decided to use the camera to document/create/capture our conversations and dance improvisations in the city, we all got surprised, touched and moved in many different ways.
There's always been a deep desire to share this work with others, and receiving responses and feedback from people from all over made us want to bring TENDERLINE out to the world.


While working on TENDERLINE we kept coming back to these basic questions, which became the core of our research:
What happens with a relationship when it becomes an artistic exploration?
What happens when it´s observed and recorded?
How those spaces between people´s bodies, emotions and thoughts evolve into movement, dance, poetry, images and other forms of art?


By joining us in this mission you become an important part of a sharing circle on a worldwide scale.
Your participation helps us in community making and in spreading our work out.
Even the tiniest of the support is huge in this adventure. Completing this project is an important step in our artistic social growth.
We are open to contributions and donations of any kind: every little help is huge and important to finish this project.

We understand that not everyone may be able to support financially, and so we ask you to take some time to spread the word on T E N D E R L I N E.
Whether it's via e-mail, facebook, twitter or just word-of-mouth, getting the film out in the world is as important as donating, and we thank you for doing so.

Please contact for any comment or question:

Thank you a lot, 
Tomasz & Jada


Tomasz Foltyn – Poland, b. 1986, script writer, performer, editor and co-director of Tenderline. Independent performer, mover, improvising artist, traveller. He is also cultural anthropologist and researcher of performance art and somatics. Currently working on Tenderline in Buenos Aires. 
Jada Sirkin - Argentina, b. 1982, script writer, cameraman, editor and co-director of Tenderline. Film maker, writer, dancer, actor, musician. For more, visite


Tomasz Foltyn, Melecio Estrella, Ashley Foster, Maddie Cichy, Miriam Wolodarski, Brad Jarvis, Patrick Moore, Matthew Cavanna, Beam Shepard, Siri Peterson.